The 4th Annual Family Days Skate Contest

Every year we team up with NSB skatepark to put on the Port Orange Skatepark Family Days Contest. This was the fourth year the contest was held and it was nothing short of epic, with some of Central Florida’s best skaters showing up to compete. We are stoked to have Aaron Macombs place 2nd and Jackie Harris place 3rd in the 16 and up division. Maui Nix prides itself in sponsoring some of the most talented skaters in Florida. Make sure to check out our online selection of skate products here!

Listed below are the results for the contest


  1. Buddy Taylor (Deland)
  2. Dean Nordstedt (Deland)
  3. Alex Coleman (P.O.)


Boys (9 and under)

1.Nash Barfield

2.Elija Walcott (Orlando)

3. Forrest Trafford

Juniors (10 to 12 years old)

1. Kai Tepper (Ormond Beach) A NIX LOCAL!!! YEW

2. Brandon Delgado (Orlando)

3. Gavin Liller (NSB)

Junior Men (13-15 years old)

  1. C.J. Walters (P.O.)
  2. Derek Carter (P.O.)
  3. Jacob Purvis (South Daytona)

Men (16 and older)

  1. Will Austin (P.O.)
  2. Devin Bagnoli (P.O.)
  3. Drew Hoffman (Orlando)